Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is Bear. Don't you love those sweet, sad eyes? I think there's something about painting animals that's very therapeutic for me. I don't think I had a moment of frustration while working on this one. Thanks to Miss Debbie for allowing me to paint her sweet friend. We'll see you over the Rainbow Bridge, Bear. :)

11x14" oil on canvas

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eric, Kelly, and the Sopranos!

The best part about doing this is meeting a client after weeks of email correspondence and exchanging hugs instead of handshakes. Kelly was so great to work with and it was so wonderful to meet her. My daughter was enchanted, as well, and asked me if she could come with us to the mall! :)

As far as the painting, this has been one of the most exciting I've done. Never seen The Sopranos, so I learned quite a bit! It was fun incorporating all the little details about Kelly and Eric and the show. And that leopard print dress was great fun!

Thank you so much, Kelly! And hope Eric had a fantastic birthday!

20x24" oil on canvas